Toy/Mini Aussie
Agreement of Sale

This agreement is made between:
Ray & PeriAnne Williams Phone: 651-923-4517
269863 70th St. Email: (
Goodhue, MN 55027


Hereinafter referred to as "SELLER" and "BUYER" for purchase and sale of the puppy described below on the following terms and conditions of sale:

A. Consideration
In consideration of the total sum of $___________, SELLER agrees to sell BUYER the puppy described herein and BUYER agrees to buy said puppy on the terms set forth herein.

B. Payment Terms
Down Payment of $___________ due at the time of purchase.
[ ] The balance of $___________ shall be paid by BUYER over ___________ months with 0% interest on the unpaid balance. First payment shall be due on ___________ and all payments shall be due and owing on or prior to the ___________ day of each month thereafter.

[ ] Remaining balnce shall be paid as: a puppy back from the first litter or, ___________times stud service or, the remaining balance of $___________. Service or payment to be made by the time the dog attains the age of two (2) years, whichever comes first.

A $25 late charge shall be paid by BUYER for cash installment obligations over 10 days late.

Should BUYER fail to make said payments as agreed, SELLER shall have the option to declare the balance of the note then owing to be due and payable.

C. Security
While a balance owing under this agreement and BUYER has puppy in their possession:
1. BUYER agrees to keep said puppy in good health and free from disease by providing adequate feed, shelter, and veterinary care.
2. BUYER agrees to keep said puppy free from all liens and encumbrances.
Should BUYER default in any terms of this agreement, SELLER may foreclose on his security interest in any manner provided by law.

D. Delivery
Said puppy shall be delivered to BUYER and SELLER, F.O.B.
_______________________________(city or town), on ___________, or as agreed upon by both parties.

E. Care
Prior to delivery, sELLER shall have the duty to provide reasonable care of said puppy including but not limited to:
1. Feed
2. Exercise
3. Veterinary care

Seller is authorized to or shall have the responsibility to provide reasonable veterinary care at the BUYERS cost and the BUYER agrees to indemnify SELLER for any costs incurred.

F. Buyers Responsibility
Transportation: BUYER shall be responsible for all transportation fees to deliver said puppy. Including crate, fuel and/or ground or air transport.

medical: BUYER shall be responsible for Health papers required for delivery of said puppy icnluding a pre-purhcase exam if so desired.

Fees: $___________ For: _______________________________________

G. Warranties
(1) SELLER warrants that he has clear title to said puppy.

(2) SELLER makes no other warranties, express or implied, including the warranties of fitness for a particular purpose except as maybe otherwise provided for this agreement.

A. If listed puppy is sold as a breeding animal and is unable to be bred due to medical or genetic causes, the payment agreed upon $___________ shall be void with proper veterinary proof and the animal shall be spayed or neutered. Certificate shall be provided to seller prior to the dog's age of two years.

B. Should BUYER choose not to breed the dog for any other reason than those listed above, all remaining fees will be due and payable as described herein.

(3) Other agreements by both parties:

H. Registration and Ownership Transfer
Upon payment in full, SELLER agrees to execute all necessary papers and to take all steps necessary to transfer Ownership and registration of puppy to BUYER.

I. Risk of Loss
With the SELLERS acceptance of BUYERS down payment, BUYER shall become the owner of said toy or miniature Aussie and will become responsible for all risk of loss including but not limited to, accident, injury, illness, or death of said dog.

J. Insurance
Pending delivery to BUYER, SELLER agrees to indemnify and hold BUYER harmless from any injury to any person or damage to property caused by said dog.

K. Law
The terms of this agreement and any disputes developing there under shall be enforced and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Minnesota.

L. Default
Upon material breach of this agreement by one party, the other party may terminate same. On any breach, the other party shall have the right to recover form said breaching party all reasonable Attorney's fees and court costs.

Executed this ___________ day of ___________, 20______,
Goodhue, MN

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